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The Girl Friends Fund, Inc. is very proud to highlight the talented, energetic, and successful students who have been awarded our scholarships.  They have attained coveted admissions, educational advancement opportunities and are attending or have graduated from Ivy League Universities, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and other institutions of higher learning nationwide. Many are currently attending Graduate schools.

Our scholars recognize the importance of giving back to their communities. Many have volunteered in their hometown communities and around the world.

The Fund commends our scholars for their outstanding accomplishments.

2017 Scholars 

Ndidi A. – Fairfield County Chapter
Janae B. – Louisville Chapter
Treniya B. – Pittsburgh Chapter
Lauren B. – Roanoke Chapter
Ti’Ara C. – Dallas Chapter
Zoe C. R. – St. Louis Chapter


Nicholas G. – Columbia Chapter
Lauryn H. – Cleveland Chapter
Allen S. – Las Vegas Chapter
Steven T. – Toledo Chapter
Allexus W. – Miami Chapter
Jadzia Y. – Orlando Chapter

2016 Scholars

Cedrica A. – Columbus Chapter
Loren C. – Memphis Chapter
Tyler C. – Pittsburgh Chapter
Alexis C. – St. Louis Chapter
Alexa E. – New Haven Chapter
J’Sharre G. – Buffalo Chapter

Jabril K. M. – San Diego Chapter
Cara P. – Cleveland Chapter
Roxanne S. – Miami Chapter
Paula S. – New Jersey Chapter
Curtis S. – Roanoke Chapter
Mia T. – Louisville Chapter

2015 Scholars 

Sharmar B. – Norfolk Chapter
William B. – LouisvilleChapter
Sierra B. – Roanoke Chapter
Colasia C. –  New Haven Chapter
Jada I. – San Diego Chapter
Brielle J. –  Cleveland Chapter
Emerson C. K. – Cincinnati Chapter
Tyra S. – St. Louis Chapter
Taylor  T. – New Jersey Chapter
Ronniko W. – Miami Chapter

2014 Scholars

Christopher A. – Seattle Chapter
Tyler A. – Roanoke Chapter
Joslyn B. – Cleveland Chapter
Katelyn B. – Boston Chapter
AnnaLiza C. – Trenton Chapter
Anya H. – Miami Chapter



2013 Scholars

LaDarria A. – Dallas Chapter
Sydney H. – Potomac Chapter
Brytney H. – Pittsburgh Chapter
Naima L. – California Chapter
Jeremy L. – Roanoke Chapter
Delenn L. – Albany Chapter
Judny L. – Miami Chapter
Jermaine M. – Orlando Chapter
Monique S. – Seattle Chapter
Andre S. – Louisville Chapter
Jasmine T. – Cincinnati Chapter

Adam W.- Cleveland Chapter
Amanda H. – Brooklyn Chapter
Christopher B. – Las Vegas Chapter
Ashleigh B. – New Jersey Chapter
Nia C. – Minneapolis / St. Paul Chapter
Morgan F. – Trenton Chapter
Terah G. – Greenville Chapter
Monique M. – Buffalo Chapter
Taylor M. – Boston Chapter
Kaila W. – Baltimore Chapter

2012 Scholars

Jordan C. – Cleveland Chapter
Denisha B. – Miami Chapter
ShaRon D. – Potomac Chapter
Bria G. – Buffalo Chapter
Nije J. – Pittsburgh Chapter
Taylor J. – Seattle Chapter
Vanessa M. – Columbia Chapter

Raechel M. – Baltimore Chapter
Quishaun M. – Trenton Chapter
Diamond P. – Roanoke Chapter
Shelby S. – Albany Chapter
Bria W. – New Haven Chapter
Edward T. – Houston Chapter
2011 Scholars

Dafina B. – Minneapolis Chapter
Shanielle C. – New Jersey Chapter
Myriam D. – Albany Chapter
Linette D. – New Haven Chapter
Ariel F. – Miami Chapter
Natacha J. – Orlando Chapter
Veronica J. – Louisville Chapter

Jasmine J. – Roanoke Chapter
Lauren L. – Cleveland Chapter
Briana N. – Seattle Chapter
Stephanie O. – Chicago Chapter
Malena P. – Brooklyn Chapter
Maya W. – Baltimore Chapter
2010 Scholars

Jeffeline E. – Miami Chapter
Shanise E.- Buffalo Chapter
Timia H. – Columbus Chapter
Leah J. – Cleveland Chapter
Chasidy L. – Baltimore Chapter
Tershone P. – Brooklyn Chapter

Christien R. – Louisville Chapter
Toni W.S. – Trenton Chapter
Brendon T. – Pittsburgh Chapter
Chelsea W. – Greenville Chapter
Chelsea Z. – Albany Chapter


The Girl Friends Fund, Inc. Scholarship

The Girl Friends Fund, Inc. (“The Fund”) brings dreams to life by providing scholarships and mentoring to high-achieving, African-American students who face significant financial obstacles in their path toward a college education.

The Fund provides awards of $1,000 to $1,500 annually for up to four academic years, depending on availability of funds, to qualified high school seniors who have been accepted to a four-year institution.  The scholarship is renewable for four years, provided applicants academic requirements are met each year. Our goal is to promote the academic achievement required to pursue careers including, but not limited to:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Business, Education, and Creative Arts.

Special Scholarship Distinctions
GF Carolyn M. Carter Scholar (STEM Majors)
Anita Peek Gilger, MD Trust Scholar
GF Juanita P. Humphries Scholar (Outstanding accomplishments and involvement in community activities)
GF Gwendolyn G. Johnson Scholar
GF Carole Temple Phillips Scholar

Are you interested in scholarship funds for college?

To be considered for a scholarship, a student must be nominated by a chapter of The Girl Friends®, Inc. Each chapter may nominate only one potential scholar.  The Girl Friends Fund, Inc. (“The Fund”) assists potential scholars in connecting to their local chapter of The Girl Friends®, Inc. when needed.

To be eligible for consideration, a scholarship applicant MUST:

*       Be a United States Citizen (as defined by FAFSA)
*       Be accepted for undergraduate study at a four-year accredited institution of higher education
*       Have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or above on a 4.3 scale
*       Have a minimum SAT score of 1200 or ACT score of 18
*       Not be related to a member of The Fund or The Girl Friends®, Inc.
*       Be sponsored by a local chapter of The Girl Friends®, Inc.

The scholarship application can only be retrieved and submitted by Girl Friends, Inc. chapter representatives. Please contact the local Girl Friends, Inc. chapter for the application. Potential scholars must be nominated by a chapter of The Girl Friends®, Inc. Each chapter may nominate only one candidate. The Girl Friends Fund, Inc. (“The Fund”) assists potential candidates with connecting to his/her local chapter of The Girl Friends®, Inc. when needed. If you need assistance finding a local chapter of The Girl Friends®, Inc., please contact us.

If you are a Girl Friends Fund, Inc. chapter representative and you have been given a username and password to apply, you may begin the application process by clicking this link.


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