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t(ese res!rces )!l* (a$e been a %reat (elp )it( my )ritin%. t + )ill impr!$e t(ese (abits "!r my next En%lis( class. + (a$e *isplaye* se$eral C!lle%e c!mp!siti!n %!als t(r!%(!t t(e semester. '(e "irst %!al )as t! be able t! )rite )ell-!r%ani/e*, ni"ie*, c!(erent essays )it( clear a c!mplete t(esis statement. +n essay !ne an* t)! + (a* a (ar* time *e$el!pin% a t(esis becase t(ey )ere al)ays t! $a%e. t n!) + n!) (!) t! "ix my t(esis statements. An!t(er %!al )as t! c!n*ct researc( access an* c(!!se appr!priate s!rces "r!m stan*ar* library res!rces )(ic( may be ina $ariety !" "!rmats b!t( print an* electr!nic. + (a* a (ar* time "in*in% articles t! %! )it( essays t)! an* t(ree. + t(in t(is is s!met(in% + nee* m!re practice )it( becase + n!) + )ill (a$e m!re researc( papers *e in t(e "tre. My "inal %!al )as t! c!n"!rm t! t(e %rammar,  pnctati!n, an* spellin% rles !" stan*ar* )ritten En%lis( )it( a minimm !" err!rs. '(e %rammatical err!rs in my essays *ecrease* !ne by !ne. + t(in practicin% %rammar !n )!rs(eets (elpe* me a l!t, an* + )ill c!ntine t! *! it. '(ere are t(ree )ritin% sills + )ante* t! %ain "r!m t(is class. '(e "irst sill )as essay !r%ani/ati!n an* *e$el!pment. +n essay !ne + (a* a pr!blem )it( !r%ani/in% para%rap(s t(ree an* "!r. '(is isse case* me t! %et a l!) %ra*e, bt )(en + re$ise* t(e essay my %ra*e %!t (i%(er. '(is sill impr!$e* tremen*!sly !$er t(e sec!n*, t(ir*, an* "!rt( essays. '(e sec!n* sill )as %rammar, pnctati!n, an* sa%e re$ie). +n essay !ne + (a* %rammar err!rs sc( as "ra%ments an* ap!str!p(es. +n essay t)! + (a* %rammar err!rs in sbect $erb a%reements an*  pr!n!n cases. +n essay t(ree + (a* %rammar err!rs )it( pr!n!n3 antece*ent a%reements, sbect$erb a%reements, an* $erb tense. + *i* n!t (a$e any %rammar err!rs in essay "!r. t in t(e sec!n*, t(ir*, an* "!rt( essays + (a* pnctati!n err!rs )it( c!mmas. Lie + sai* be"!re i" + c!ntine t! practice t(ese err!rs + )ill %et better at t(em. '(e t(ir* sill )as )ritin% researc(

- Нам нужны точные цифры. - Звездочка, - повторила Сьюзан, - это сноска. Соши прокрутила текст до конца раздела и побелела.


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